Let’s talk bras.

Stella Bra (Photo courtesy of Change Lingerie)

So yes, I am female, and yes, I wear bras. It’s not a secret – and it’s not embarrassing to talk about. In fact, it should be talked about more often. Most women in our western culture do wear these sometimes restricting contraptions to keep their breasts perky and pretty in their tops and dresses.

I have a huge pet peeve though about bras – besides their sometimes discomfort level. When I am walking out and about, I always notice the same thing – that a lot of women are not wearing the right size bra! I see back bulges where the bra is too tight; I see people wearing too small a cup, too big a cup, and other problems which make their breasts look odd and their entire outfit look out of place. A bad fitting bra can cause people to slouch, particularly if their breasts are heavy and they don’t have the right support.

Bras have been in the limelight in recent years. Stacy and Clint on TLC’s What Not To Wear. Dateline did a special. Oprah used to do “Bra Interventions” on her show. According to a news report from Time Magazine back in 2006, anywhere from 70-85% of females are wearing the wrong size bra – and I believe it!

About three years ago, I found the most fantastic lingerie store called Change Lingerie.  It was a little shop with bras lining every inch of their closet size space. It was there that I found my “Eureka!” moment. The salesperson took the time to explain their business, (mainly, people wear the wrong size bra) and then she fit me (which I won’t tell you the size, but what I will say is that I WAS WAY OFF BASE!). She then let me wait in the change room while she went and grabbed bras in my size. I was sold. They fit great, they looked fantastic and they were affordable. I think I walked out with 3 bras which fit perfectly. I went home and tossed out all my misshapen, ugly, bad fitting bras.

I was just in the Cambie store yesterday and spent an hour buying bras. I came out with 3 and couldn’t be happier and feel sexier in them!

Here’s their philosophy:

You. Only Better.

At Change, we respect your natural beauty. That’s why our lingerie doesn’t dictate how your body should look or promise a whole new you. What it will do is give you a variety of styles in a fit that feels just right. It’s all about feeling beautiful. So feel free to express yourself. To explore the different facets of your femininity. And the woman within.

A few noteworthy things that I love about Change:

  1. They offer a free membership that takes 10% off each purchase.
  2. They keep a record of your bra size in their computer.
  3. Their swimsuits – They FIT TO YOUR BRA SIZE! How fantastic is that? I’ve bought 3 since I started going and I get more complements  when I wear them!
  4. They offer matching panties to the bras.
  5. They offer a wide range of sizes from A-K cup – over 90 sizes! They understand that not everyone is a standard A, B or C cup! *finally, someone gets it!* And they are affordable!
  6. They have fun and sexy styles and colours.
  7. They offer sales! Right now it is buy 2 get 1 free!
  8. They contribute funds to search for a cure for Breast Cancer! You might have heard about the Bras Across the Bridge fundraiser with Virgin Radio 95.3 this past year.

While you might feel that you know your size and that this post is a huge waste of time because you love the fun bras you get from La Senza or another shop – I urge you to go here at least once to get fitted for free. Let that convince you to try on some of their bras. I have never felt uncomfortable with the bras they put me in.

While it’s a European company, they have many stores in the Vancouver area (as well as Ontario and Quebec and even Saskatchewan!) Sadly, they don’t have locations in Alberta or the other provinces/territories yet. You can start a franchise if you like!

Check them out via their webpage, their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

If you do try it, let me know how your experience was!


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk bras.

  1. I have the same problem! I was fitted when I was teenager, but THINGS HAVE CHANGED since then. I’ve heard this about Changes before, so I went to their Metrotown location, and there was only one sales clerk and someone was arguing with her about combining coupons or something. I was there for about 15 minutes and tried on two in what I think is my size, but felt the same issues I currently feel. No one talked to me the entire time I was there, so I left 😦 I guess I should try the Cambie one.

    • Oh no! I wonder if it’s Metrotown? I went to Banana Republic and that exact thing happened to me!! I was just at the Cambie spot and both the manager and the clerk were super helpful. Don’t give up! I hope it’s a better experience!

  2. I love the femininity and sexiness of Change bras. I have one peeve about them though; not enough unpadded bras in small sizes. This is true of all brands these days. Why should women with smaller breasts have to pad them up? I like the natural look and since I’m very tiny I’m already top-heavy as it is.

    • I totally agree – I think some companies think that we all need padding! It’s frustrating for sure to find. I actually tried on a lacy “basic” bra at change the other day and was surprised by it not having padding, but also, how much support it still gave me (as I am top heavy as well). Give your feedback to Change if you can – the more people who say what they want, they may actually do something!

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