Indigo Books & Music Inc. Holiday Preview 2012

This past Wednesday, I was invited by Cammy (@indigogreenroom) to the Indigo Books & Music’s Fall and Holiday Preview 2012. Since I have a genuine obsession with Chapters and Indigo Books and all of their books and products, I jumped at this opportunity to get a sneak peek at what new products I’ll be buying for friends and family this fall, particularly as presents. The event was held at a local BC restaurant: the Cactus Club Cafe down on South Granville. This event also highlighted the Cactus Club’s Executive Chef, Rob Feenie and his brand new cookbook “Rob Feenie’s Casual Classics”, which includes delicious innovative and approachable meals.

I had been wanting to meet Chef Feenie for quite some time. I’ve been a foodie fan of his forever. I was super excited to get my photo with him and got to take home his cookbook and sample some of his tasty food!

Image by Natalie Van Apeldoorn

Image by Natalie Van Apeldoorn

You can purchase chef Feenie’s cookbook through Chapters Indigo HERE. 

And now, onto the preview!

“This season’s inspiration was drawn from luxury farmhouse living and the cosy flavours of fall. Expect to see soft, plush fabrics in warm tones, rustic tableware, “local” thinking and elegant stationary influenced by nature. And don’t forget to warm up from the inside – traditional comfort food never goes out of style.” – Heather Reisman, CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc, Fall 2012

“The smell of winter in the air- snowflakes falling on trees, the hustle and bustle on the streets and in the shops – twinkly store windows and decorated trees – letters to Santa, Christmas morning and opening the best ever presents. It’s all part of the magic of the holiday season. And it is what inspired us for Christmas 2012. Enjoy this preview and let us know what you love!” – Heather Reisman, CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc, Holiday Preview, 2012

Despite the sunny August heat in Vancouver, I trekked into the Cactus Club and fell into a winter wonderland of products. Like Heather Reisman describes, I felt the warmth and comfort in rich colours and almost felt the winter season spirit. Here are a few pictures of the products I fell in love with. (And to my friends and family, while I might gift these to you, please also take note for my Christmas list!).

On my shopping list are: owl bookends,  owl salt and pepper shakers, the penguin martini shaker, the lovely blankets, and absolutely every single item on the bright colour table. I can’t wait for these products to come into my Chapters store. Dear Santa…….

Thanks again to Indigo Books & Music Inc. for having me! Happy shopping!!

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All images are by Natalie Van Apeldoorn. Please ask for permission to reproduce.


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